Hey there,

I’m Emily, Magill designer and creative
When I was 13 years old I sewed my first piece of clothing and instantly fell in love with the creation process and power of design.
Over the following years fast-fashion dominated the clothing industry and I found myself seeking unique pieces rather than the sameness of mass-production. Upon discovering vintage, I was enamored with the intricate details and hand-stitching that make each garment special. Clothing made with these quality techniques was worthy of keeping for life and passing down to younger generations as family heirlooms and treasured memories.  
This passion for vintage quality, detail and design inspired me to create Magill - a brand inspired by vintage and focused on crafting clothing and lifestyle goods that will be loved now and for years to come. My mission is to create the vintage of tomorrow, today.

Magill Values

Small-Batch Production

Designed and sewn in California, Magill utilizes small-batch production to craft made-to-order clothing without the negative impacts of large scale production. We don’t produce in mass-quantities or purchase large amounts of materials prior to production so that we limit excess and waste this can create. This method of production does result in higher material costs and longer lead times, two elements of slow fashion we embrace. In an effort to provide full price transparency, going forward we will be including cost breakdowns for each garment that is included within our online store.

Buy Better, Buy Less

Our philosophy is to “buy better and buy less”. By choosing higher quality garments and caring for them well, your clothing will last longer and you'll need less. In our production we are always striving to be more eco-friendly, using natural materials & fabrics for our pieces. With so much discussion of the true meaning of sustainability, we do not consider ourselves to be a 100% sustainable brand and thus avoid that term when describing our production. While being truly 100% sustainable is not possible for our small brand at this time, we are always striving to move towards that ideal. 

 Inspired by Vintage

Infused with vintage nostalgia, many of our designs are inspired by vintage sewing patterns and garments (especially our favorite style-era, the 1970’s). Incorporating heirloom sewing techniques and details, Magill clothing is meant to be cherished by generations to come. We believe in making items to be cherished for years and generations to come, creating beloved vintage pieces of the future, today.