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Have you ever had to get rid of a white blouse because it wasn’t ‘white’ anymore? Yellow stains or an overall dingy look can make a white blouse look, well, not good. Imagine if you could keep your white clothing fresh and bright so you didn’t have to replace them as often. And now imagine you have everything already in your house to do this. I’m all in favor of buying less and buying better quality and to actually be able to do that in practice we need our clothing to last. In today’s post I’m sharing 5 easy tips you can follow to keep your white clothes bright, fresh and clean so that they last longer.

5 Tips for Keeping White Clothes White

Separate Your Whites from Your Colors

It’s part of “Laundry 101” though many of us get lazy and throw everything in together. But to keep your whites their brightest, separate them from the darks. Lint and dye from darker clothing can attach to your whites. When in doubt, separate it out.

Use the Right Detergent (but not too much)

Did you know that your clothes can get product build-up just like your hair? This can happen from using too much detergent in your washing machine. Look for brightening formulas to use with your whites but be careful not to over-pour.

Don’t Overstuff Your Washer

One of the easiest ways you can keep your whites brighter is to give them some extra room in the washing machine. Instead of stuffing things in too tight, allow some breathing room when doing a load. Your clothing will be better saturated with detergent and water while dirt and stains will be easier to remove.

Use Some Bleach (with caution)

Bleach can be great to brightening up whites but be careful what your fabric content is before using it. Bleach works well with cotton but not with synthetics or delicate fabrics that can be damaged. Always read the clothing care label before reaching for the bleach.

Wash Often

Have you ever gotten yellowing stains on your white clothes? This is from moisture and sweat that didn’t get washed off right away. If you sweat in your white clothes, make sure you wash them within the next few days to minimize the risk of yellowing.

Your white clothes may not last forever but they will last a heck of a lot longer if you care for them the right way. It makes investing in nicer quality pieces a little easier, doesn’t it?

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July 27, 2020 — Emily Farina

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